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Innovation Generation

A vendor recently said to me:

“It seems like everyone wants to run a PoC these days”.

There’s good reason for this. The cadence of media technology evolution is accelerating.

Industry players, products, design paradigms, standards and interfaces are all changing at an unprecedented rate.

The way we approach media production facility design and implementation is also changing.

From the design perspective, whilst the drawings of physical systems are becoming simpler, the logical description of those systems, their configuration and integration are becoming more complex.

Furthermore, the most innovative facility integration programmes are moving away from deploying predominantly “tried and tested” products.  These programmes integrate a complex mix of off the shelf product, roadmap technology and require the specification and implementation of bespoke functionality.  No longer is it enough to repeat “tried and tested” integration patterns.  Do this on a long running programme and you risk solution obsolescence by the time you go live.  Equally, reach too far and/or employ inappropriate programme structures and you risk running over time and budget or failing to deliver completely.

Continued relevance in a fast-changing world is contingent on gearing up for rapid in-programme innovation and employing strategies to manage the inherent risks this entails.

So, how do you deliver high innovation programmes successfully?

I’ll be sharing some of my thoughts and perspectives on this over the coming weeks.

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